Best Practice & Lean Principles

Both are essential in many businesses today. At Altec we see this as a business strategy that involves everyone in our organisation. We strive to make continuous improvements, eliminating waste wherever possible throughout our systems and processes. Our best practices cover Quality, Cost, Delivery, Process Mapping and Value

You will find many examples of these in the Framework Agreements we have with our major customers. On critical commodity component supply Altec work to multiple framework agreements with customers who have committed to us a set volume of work.  In return we commit to working in partnership with the customer to ensure quality & delivery improvements and cost savings opportunities are explored fully, these activities include:-

  • Material stockholding from international sources.
  • Confidence to invest in lean manufacturing activities, training, tooling, fixturing, etc.
  • Investing in the best manufacturing technologies available.
  • Operating a proactive procurement strategy and passing down the benefits to our supply chain.