Collaboration With CfAI

Altec Engineering Limited has agreed a Memorandum of Understanding with Durham University’s Centre for Advanced Instrumentation. This 12 month agreement will see Altec build upon a 30 year history of engagement with the Centre and now collaborate closely with the CfAI on business development and gathering market intelligence, which will ultimately benefit both parties.

The CfAI has a diverse portfolio of research and development activities covering Adaptive Optics, Low Light Level Spectroscopy, Near Infrared Instrumentation, Optical Fibres, Liquid Crystal Optics, Precision Optics and Biophotonic Imaging.

These products are used in equipment such as ground based telescopes and observation satellites. Altec Engineering’s combination of manufacturing expertise and entrepreneurship will compliment the University department’s core research and development skills, as they collectively seek to expand their activities within these areas.