Apprentices Are The Lifeblood For ALTEC

Date Added 17/06/2013

There is currently much debate in the media and within Government circles, relating to apprenticeships as a means of providing employment for young people. Much more important however is the key role that apprenticeships will play, if we are to build the skill base needed to grow manufacturing output in the United Kingdom.

It is all too easy to forget that apprenticeships were once actually the lifeblood of industrial manufacturing companies, and many of those who cut back on the recruitment and training of apprentices in the past, are now suffering chronic skill shortages as a result.

This is not the case however for Bowburn based Altec Engineering. Now in its 35th year, the company has always placed great emphasis on the need to train apprentices. Altec Managing Director David Steel explains: “We have a loyal workforce who have been with Altec for many years, which naturally has increased the average age. We began to find a significant lack of skills to match our specific requirements in the outside world, so made a decision to recruit apprentices to train ourselves. This means that Altec has never suffered from the skills gap that blights many engineering companies today.”

David Steel continues: “Apprentices make a significant contribution to our business, not only from the work they do whilst they are training, but also in the stability they provide for the company as we look to the future. Bringing our own engineers up through the ranks allows us to be completely confident that we will continue to have the necessary skills and resource to maintain growth within both our current and new market segments.”

Throughout its 35-year history, Altec has established a reputation not only for excellence in engineering but also as a company that places great emphasis on employee retention and development. This is exemplified by Nick Batey, who started his apprenticeship in 1989 and is now a Director of the company. Altec have a number of employees with over 15 years of service and others who now have their sons working alongside them as apprentices. David Steel adds: “The stability within the workforce here means that everyone is able to see the results of their hard work and commitment, as the company continues to grow. This in itself has instilled a passion to keep the momentum which drives us as we enter new markets.”

Altec currently has 6 apprentices in training and plans to recruit more in 2013, together with a Graduate Engineer.