Altec Laser System Welds Plastic Housings

Date Added 20/06/2014

In this application ALTEC’s expertise in the design and build of bespoke machines is combined with technology from Laser partner Rofin-Baasel UK Limited to produce a system for the manufacture of Tyre Pressure Sensors.

The ALTEC machine has the capability to produce a range of sensor variants using quick change tooling. The components are manufactured from Polyamide material and the application is to weld a clear cover to a coloured base of the same material.

Welding is achieved using a DILAS 200 Watt average power diode laser with a 200 micron fibre optic. This in turn delivers the laser beam to a Galvo Scanning Head, which allows quasi-simultaneous welding, ensuring the whole weld seam reaches the melting temperature and collapses uniformly.

Consistent clamping pressure is essential to achieve reliable welding and in this instance this is achieved using a pneumatically operated system with force and distance monitoring.

The machine concept was developed by ALTEC and the system includes a Class 1 enclosure, ensuring operator safety. Overall machine control, and set up for different part variants, is achieved via an intuitive menu driven system displayed to the operator on an HMI.

ALTEC Engineering Limited took turnkey responsibility for this project, providing the benefits of a single point of contact for the end user. This project demonstrates the comprehensive range of skills within the company which include: machine, control and software design, machine building and development and project management.