Mark Ainsley appointed as General Manager for Altec Specialist Coatings

Date Added 25/04/2016

After careful market research, Altec Engineering identified a need to implement a coatings division to supplement, support and enhance the value stream offered to the Altec customer base and to desired future market segments.

Mark Ainsley has been appointed as General Manager for Altec Specialist Coatings, a newly formed division within the Altec Engineering Group.

The strategy is to introduce a comprehensive suite of coating capabilities required by our current and future customers. The new Coatings division has three major objectives :-

  • To support existing internal requirement for coatings.
  • To offer an enhanced capability, complementing the world class engineering capability and offering a ‘’one stop shop’’ to current and future customer base.
  • To offer a fully functional sub-contract coatings division to fill an identified market gap for high class finishing processes.

Altec Specialist Coatings offers a comrehensive range of surface preparation and coating services including:

Surface Preparation

  • Vibratory Trough De-Burring
  • Bead Blasting

Dip Tank Technologies

  • Alocrom 1200
  • SurTec 650
  • Zinc & Manganese Phosphate
  • Chemical Blackening

Thermal Spraying

  • Plasma
  • HVOF

Look out for more information on our Specialist Coatings Division in the coming months.