Altec Apprentices Feature in NEtwork - The North East Automotive Alliance Magazine

Date Added 28/06/2016

Altec Engineering Group apprenticeships are once again in the news, this time featured in the latest edition of NEtwork, the NEAA Magazine. The full page article, discusses the significant contribution that apprentices make to Altec's business, not only in the work that they do whilst training, but also the stability that they will provide for the future of the company.

Altec Managing Director David Steel commented: "As it becomes increasingly difficult to find the skills to match our specific requirements in the outside world, we will continue to recruit apprentices which we can train in the skill sets that we require. This means that Altec Group Companies will never suffer from the skills gap that blights many engineering companies today."

As a long term and trusted supplier to the automotive sector, Altec further strengthened its links with the industry in 2015, by joining the North East Automotive Alliance.

The NEAA supports the economic sustainable growth of the sector in the North East of England, providing a single unified voice to key stakeholder groups and promoting the true value created by NE Automotive sector.