Altec & KUKA Collaborate to Enhance Cam Assembly for Nissan

Date Added 16/08/2016

Altec Engineering operates across diverse markets, including the Automotive sector, where the company’s Special Purpose Equipment Division is heavily involved with both the OEM’s and Tier 1 & 2 suppliers. Whilst automotive assembly plants are generally heavily automated, there are still many areas where operators are required, either due to the complexity of the task or where full automation cannot be financially justified. It is in these areas where Altec excels with concepts that strike the perfect balance between man and machine.

In this application, a series of dowels and cam brackets are to be assembled to a cylinder head before the cam bolts are torqued. These are tasks that would benefit from a semi-automated solution, which would not only improve productivity but also generate a financial payback.

The Altec system comprises of 2 operational stations, linked by a roller transfer system plus a KUKA robot & Bosch Rexroth nut drivers, all of which is enclosed within perimeter safety guarding, incorporating an operator access aperture protected by a light guard.

This is yet another great example of Altec's ability to deliver cost effective automation solutions for the Automotive sector.