Altec Apprentices Project Presentation Day

Date Added 26/04/2017

Apprentices from our Bowburn site (Altec Engineering Ltd & Altec Engineering CNC) presented their projects at Hartlepool College of Further Education this week. The year-long projects included practical and theoretical work, supported by Altec and the college.

We recognise the importance of motivating and encouraging apprentices, which is why we sponsored the Merit Awards. Throughout the event guests were asked to choose their top three projects for both Level 3 and HNC, with the winners being announced later this month.

Our apprentices completed a range of projects including:


  • Ian Clark - Interactive robot, to be used at exhibitions to show prospective customers the companies capability to design precision machinery. Ian's project was a joint idea with Warren Temple, Ian designed and created the electrical side of the robot.


  • Warren Temple - Interactive robot, Warren worked with Ian on the joint project. Warren designed and manufactured the mechanical components needed for the robot’s new purpose.


  • Eilish Millar - Drill Angle Gauge, to improve the accuracy of the angle of the drill bit when ground back to size.


  • Sarah Lackenby - CMM Fixture Kit, it allows small technical parts to be held in the appropriate position when measuring the dimensions of an object to define its exact measurements.


  • Jake Slack - Automatic Coolant Filling Station, the project is designed to automatically fill up coolant for CNC machines, saving time and spillage.


  • Matthew Seymour-Brown - Brake Severity Warning System, this system is developed for use on cars to alert other drivers to different levels of braking making driving safer.


  • Dan Matthews - Automated Chemical Coating Rig, designed to reduce the need for manual labour and to improve the overall efficiency of Altec's coating capability.

We wish our apprentices the best of luck at the awards ceremony!