Altec CNC & Aker Solutions Collaborate to Improve Customer Cost Efficiency

Date Added 31/07/2017

This month, Aker Solutions visited Altec CNC to deliver their Lean and Continuous Improvement program. The program, designed to achieve increased cost efficiency throughout the manufacturing process, is provided by Aker to selected global suppliers. Members of the Altec CNC team were introduced to Akers zero defect programme, as well as methods to achieve this including: Quality Management Board (QMB), Asaishi meetings and 8d methodology.

Philip Robson, Altec CNC Operations Manager commented: “The training was very useful, and for Altec CNC it means we can apply these methods to all aspects of our work. Because of the costs saved on rework, remaking and repeating admin tasks this will benefit our business. It will also strengthen our relationship with Aker Solutions, as we continue to work with them in the future.”

The initial training is now complete, with the progress being continually monitored.